Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A New Old Look

I've been pondering tea lately. Not the kind in a cup, but the kind one uses to give an antique look to paper and fabric. There is a definite allure to tea-staining, but I've always steered clear of it because of the acid in the tea, which isn't so good for paper. Fortunately, I've discovered a way to neutralize the acid, and I've been tea dyeing everything in sight. What happiness!

A new coptic stitch journal, called "Evening in Paris," made of tea-stained pages, a woman's vintage red leather glove, and a French song, Envoi des Fleurs:


A guest book made with antique linen, reclaimed leather, and tea-antiqued pages:

Currently in residence at my Etsy store.


  1. I haven't tea stained paper for years but seeing your books makes me think I'd like to try again. Your books are lovely, Barbara.

  2. Thanks, Carol! It was pretty fun to try out tea staining.

  3. Great work Barbara, your 'evening in paris' piece is very well balanced, I especially like the music sheet endpapers, fantastic work, I'll try and send a few people to your etsy store. Keep up the good work, ~ Paul


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