Friday, January 10, 2014

Baseball Journal

While waiting for my book covers to dry in the press (see previous post), I finished my second baseball-themed journal / notebook. This one is called "Pop Fly":

Its covers are made from a well-worn, vintage Carlton Fisk catcher's mitt, and a bit of reclaimed bison leather. On the first page is a reproduction of an 1888 baseball card with a photo of Monte Ward of the New York Giants.  I loved this little photo! In it, Monte Ward is clearly in a photography studio, manfully reenacting a slide into home base. 

This journal is residing on the shelves of my Etsy store.


  1. What a fabulous cover, and photo! There must be a baseball fan just waiting for this one. What a great gift that would be.

  2. Thanks, Carol! It's such a pleasure to make these journals, as they have so much character, and I like to think of someone out there filling up the pages and giving them even more character.


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